Monday, January 01, 2007

Scientific Proof of PanDeism?

Italian astrophysicist and mathematician Paola Zizzi recently demonstrated in a paper that the Universe, in the course of the Big Bang explosion, could have experienced a moment of consciousness -- that the pattern of physical energy existing in the expanding proto-Universe could have imitated the patterns of chemical energy found necessary for the human mind to experience consciousness....

The idea that the Universe was conscious before its formation -- and this consciousness directed the formation, but then ceased to exist as a result of it -- is an inherent part of PanDeism, the theory that God became the Universe, thus ceasing to be God.... so it would seem that this development would make the Universe pandeism-possible!!

Of course, all things are relative, and since the universe was exploding at or near the speed of light, time would have slowed down for this conscious structure, and it would have experienced a relative eternity of contemplation before being dispersed in the continued expansion of the Universe....

Further, the Universe reaching this point of consciousness through a Big Bang is only one possibility, for a conscious entity may have existed before the "Big Bang" which merely transformed itself into something that approximated that particular stage of a Big Bang as the actual starting point of transforming into the Universe!!

The other question that arises is whether this consciousness could control the direction of the Universe.... the answer is, of course, yes.... if all that existed at that point was a particular form of energy, and that energy could be controlled, then the expanding Universe could be controlled.... for we can control our own thoughts (you can, for example, force yourself to think about a pink elephant on roller skates), and in so doing, we control the flow of that energy.... since we can think about anything we wish to think about, our control over that energy is vast, if not "absolute"!!

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Matt said...

I'm now realizing that I'm a scientific pandeist. This is a great read ahead of it's time!


Knuje said...

Aha, you have found me on Myspace!!