Sunday, February 05, 2012

Some Pandeism resources

Here are some members of the burgeoning family of Internet resources providing information, insight, and debate on Pandeism:

Main sites:
Institute for Pandeism Studies
The YouTube PanDeism Channel
Everything2's Pandeism Index
Pandeism Wiki by Wikia
The Pandeist Theorem by Robert G. Brown (excerpt from A Theorem Concerning God)

Blogs and other things:
A Pan-Deist Point of View (blog on various perspectives of pandeistic thought)
Pandeism with Rusty Nails (old, dormant blog on the theory)
PanDeism: What the Heck is That? (by Dean Snyder, another interesting blog)
What is The Nature of Reality? (by Bill M. Tracer in Philosophy, May 18, 2011, with a good bit on Cosmological Pandeism)
Various Theological positions described and evaluated (from Radical Apathy, another interesting blog)
Do we need God?, from Pandeism Hellre kontroversiell än snäll (another blog)
RationalWiki's Pandeism Page
Thelemapedia's Pandeism page
VisWiki's Pandeism page
Keywen's Pandeism page
Wikipedia's Pandeism page
Wiktionary's Pandeism page
Wikiquote's Pandeism page
The Parallels of Pandeism by Bernardo Kastrup, Ph.D.
Encyclopedia Britannica's page on pandeism -- Alex Ashman, BBC News
"Metaphysical Isms"
Useful Notes on Pandeism from TV Tropes
LiveJournal Pandeism group
The Pandeism Channel Twitter feed

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