Saturday, July 15, 2017

Everything -- a truly Pandeistic game!!

"If everybody were perfectly clear that
they were a manifestation of the divine being,
nothing very much would happen."

~ Alan Watts

One might think it quite difficult, if not impossible, to create a video game exemplifying the fundamental propositions of the theological theory of Pandeism -- but here it has been done!!

-- with a game fittingly titled "Everything" and containing commentary culled from the astounding pandeistic observations of Alan Watts. And--as one might not be surprised to learn from a game called "Everything"--you, the player, are able to play as literally anything in the Universe of the game. As a proton; as a pebble; as a piano; as a planet; and beyond, puzzling through challenges to be able to jump back and forth at different levels of magnitude and magnanimity.

The diversity of interactions is infinite, but the lesson is ultimate -- that there is no greater game than being and existing and experiencing as everything there is.

And that's it, that's Everything.

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